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We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For


Once again I was inspired by music.  Not so long ago, I went to a small party at a friend’s place and Troubadour Shawn, the musician, sang a song that spoke to my soul, I heard the words of the Hopi Elders*…We Are the Ones That We’ve Been Waiting For.  The song stayed in my heart and mind reminding me that we ARE.  If not us than who? If we want to see change we are the ones to do it. BUT the change needs to come from within each one of us first. We each need to recognize our own splendor and connection to everything around us.  Only from this space of connection can we make the changes humanity longs to see and experience.

I woke early made coffee and went down to the hammock on the beach to process the incredible events of from the evening before. Sitting with the tears welling up in the corners of my eyes and the overwhelming gratitude stirring in my heart I laugh at the polarity of crying tears of joy. In trying to meditate on these sensations stirring within I was in wonderment of the ways information integrates in the physical body. I had a beautiful opportunity to be witness and maybe even doula to an aspect of spiritual birth or spiritual midwifery, because it was witnessing the birth of a ‘new’ being. I laugh a little to myself at the concept. The first time I heard it was just the week before from a client, to which I am humbled and grateful for the acknowledgement of such a beautiful metaphor in her journey. So often I do not know what happens within my sessions, sometimes I can feel aspects of the energetic shifts but I am unaware of the experiential aspects of the transformation.

The night before I was a member of a circle of magnificent beings all in varying places on this crazy journey of life. We joined together in Salon fashion to talk about healing, spirituality and meet a wonderful medical intuitive and his partner. I am honored to have been a witness to more than one of these women crossing over an invisible and indescribable threshold to an expanded state of being. They were hesitant to move into this new space of thinking, feeling and believing. More than anything else I feel immense gratitude for all of my teachers known and unknown that have guided me on this path. I felt very fortunate that I have experienced safe encouraging spaces and helpful beings guiding, leading and clearing the way on my own journey. We collectively held an unexpected space for multiple birth that night. In a protected space their truth and wonder became so strong, they had to bring it into the light. Beautiful questions emerged and a desperate need to be assured that what they feel and know is truth despite all reason and logic. They struggled and cried, tears of relief and some of fear while they shed layers and old beliefs. We each see, hear, feel, know and understand information in multitude of ways and we each are more inclined to one or another, but can develop all of these abilities to some extent. Only experiencing a fraction of all of the infinitesimal ways and realities of what is potentially around us. Sometimes we just need someone to hold our hand and say yes. Yes, the things you know that are beyond reason and thought are true. I am constantly in awe at how far we have created lives to ignore and cover these natural perceptive states. Each of these women was born “sensitive” with abilities that ideally would have been seen as gifts or blessings but instead like many others was indoctrinated by family, culture and religion to ignore and set aside such ‘knowing’. This creates a chasm in the spirit longing to become whole again, longing for union to the reality of our incredible spirits.

We are all atoms, and beings of light wrapped in these cloaks of physical bodies, we are stardust. Along the way, we acquire more and more scaffolding of thoughts, patterns and beliefs that are sometimes erroneous and prohibit us from remembering that simple fact. One of the purest moments of sheer love and joy I experience with people I encounter is the moment I look deep in their eyes, and ask simply, “can you see light with in me?, all of the beauty, joy or whatever it is you can see in me is simply a mirror of the possibilities and truth within you. I am the same as you.” More often than not, there is a spark ignited that rings that truth so loudly to the soul that I can see it flicker in their eyes. What I see is a receptive space for a seed of possibility to be nurtured and fertilized. What happen next is not for me and I often don’t know what unfolds for that person next. However, in the people that share their journeys with me, it is the simplest clicks of revelation and perception shifting to believe that they ARE. That they are deserved, they are entitled, they are loved, they are love…that there are infinite possibilities as to what they are now being invited into but perhaps for the first time also giving themselves the permission to have. We are all just remembering ourselves. I honor and applaud every courageous being willing to take these steps, even hesitant steps will eventually get you there.

We are the ones

We are the ones

*In the vein of full disclosure and a peek into my mind, I have to say there is some debate about the origin of these words and I prefer to make the connection to the Hopi Elders – but Peter Levine went out of his way to look for other answer too so, if you have a curious mind like I do feel free to find out more http://peterlevine.ws/?p=6105.