“I’ve had problems with acute tendinitis in my left hand from playing guitar. This would occur every time I played long sessions limiting my play time to just six hours a day. After one treatment with Michelle involving some strange rocks and acupuncture I was cured…It’s been six months and so far so good. Thanks Michelle.”

Igor Rakuz-Oma, Maine


“I had four sessions with Michelle Helfner in San Marcos, Guatemala in January 2013.  I experienced a motor vehicle accident 3.5 years earlier it which I received a traumatic brain injury.  I had been struggling with terrible digestive problems for 3.5 years.  During our four sessions, Michelle used a variety of techniques: Acupuncture, energy work, crystal therapy and an herbal prescription.  Looking back, these sessions were the turning point in my digestive recovery.  A few weeks later, my digestive system had improved dramatically. It has continued to improve since then.  I have tried to explain to myself what happened, but it is really something that one needs to experience.  Somehow, the treatment helped my body reconnect with itself.  I  highly recommend Michelle.”

Todd Love, Vancouver, Wa


It was and wasn’t my 19th birthday when I found myself on a table in Mexico under the caring loving and knowledgeable hands of Michelle Helfner. She at first spoke with me about my life, my path, and where my body hurt and was blocked. Then she told me just to breathe. So I only breathed and gave my body and my control to her. I could tell things were happening when I felt my muscles contracting and relaxing and then releasing first in tears, which then turned to laughter.
For a time I recall the space between conscious and unconscious thought. Michelle was standing next to me, doing something but I was remembering it instead of experiencing it, as if something like this had happened before. I was in fact sure she was mixing paint to paint vases…which isn’t what she was doing.
After that passed I began to see beautiful colors, purples reds oranges and blues and greens. They at first swirled like clouds and then began to take shape. They were spirals and flowers and stars and each would grow into and out of the other, constantly swirling. I was seeing a kaleidoscope of colors and patterns that I drew afterwards, and though I cannot draw, somehow these shapes I could recreate.
Before yoga teacher training I had lost and regained and lost my voice too many times to be considered important. In the beautiful and sacred space that is Troncones, Mexico I rediscovered my ability to sing my truth truly in the form of arias and songs that a year prior I had given up hope of truly singing again, this is the story I told Michelle before my treatment.
My first meditation , in which I met with a being of light who held me in her glowing energies and I had a voice again, a true and pure one.

Cate DAngelo, Toronto, Ontario


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  1. I was having extreme pain in my right wrist along with swelling. I am a Reiki healer and believe and practice natural healing but nothing was helping and it was getting worse and worse and affecting my whole arm. I had all the symptoms of carpal tunnel and medical people had told me there is no good solution. I live close to San Marcos La Laguna where there are many different healers and methods. A friend told me about Michelle and it felt right so I went to see her. I only had one sessión as she was leaving for her other job in Mexico. She did acupuncture and sound healing. She showed me exercises to do and gave me tips on how to rest and protect my wrist. She told me to expect gradual improvement over time. My wrist actually starting feeling a little better every day until it was fully healed…no swelling, no pain! I am thrilled and so thankful! Michelle is a wonderful healer and a great person. We are so blessed to have her here. I highly recommend her!

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