I spent years working as an artist, waitress and even corporate investigator before listening to the clear voice in my heart guiding me into alternative medicines.  While in New York, in 2001, I first studied massage and was quickly guided to a Masters in Chinese Medicine.  Those inspired messages are a constant blessing in how I get work and share my love of the healing arts. In 2008 I came to Guatemala for a change in perspective and was changed on every level; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  I moved to San Marcos and to attend the Las Pirámides Meditation Center and where I studied esoteric metaphysics.  My studies included hermetic kabbala, tarot, numerology, lucid dreaming and astral traveling, astrology, yoga, fasting and periods of silent meditation. In San Marcos, I also had the opportunity to study and teach at the Flower House.   I have completed many 5 day silences and additional 20 and 40 day silences as well.  These are periods of deep reflection into the self and allow for awareness of all of the senses and better understandings of the universe.  I was also lead by my heart to receive my 200hr yoga teacher certification from the School of Yoga Institute at the Mystical Yoga Farm in Santiago.  During these studies and being surrounded my Mayan culture and traditional ceremonies I became deeply interested studies in the Shamanic aspects of acupuncture as a healer.  During my first drumming ceremony the vision of myself as a drummer was clear and so began my own exploration as a guide for other into the non-ordinary realities.  Whether through acupuncture, massage, energy work or drumming, I believe that through providing a safe and sacred space, each person, through their own experience can explore other realities and understandings of well-being.  In this space they have a stronger ability to heal and become their truest selves.

I am blessed to be able to live most of the year in San Marcos Guatemala and a few months in Troncones, Mexico working at the beautiful Present Moment Retreat.  The remainder of the year I travel visiting much missed and loved family and friends.  I am ever grateful for this life of abundance and this magical path.


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  1. What a clear and lovely picture you paint of yourself through your description of your life and journey. I know you and love you and after reading this I feel like I know and love you even more. Thank you for shining your light in my life and around the world.

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