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Time for turmeric


It’s everywhere these days. There are literally hundreds of scientific studies showing efficacy in dozens of conditions. It’s time to add it to your diet using food as medicine. You could always take a pill but why?

Here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Always combine it with black pepper, the two together make the turmeric 1000 times more bio available.  
  • It stains. Use a little extra care when cooking with it. 
  • Just try it already! Give it a week or even a month and see what happens. 

I personally use it a few ways. I learned to make a paste that lives in the fridge and I add it to my golden milk or smoothies or anything else I feel like (I usually add “pumpkin pie” or chai spices – beacuse they taste yummy). That way every time I see it I am more likely to remember to use it!  Or I use the fresh root for tea or drinks. I’ve taken the pills, I suppose getting it in you iscertainly better than not taking it at all. But I want to encourage you to try it, make it a treat that you can enjoy. 

Here are all the links you need! 

Choose you, choose your health! Take worth a shot.